We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the London Bridge public realm design competition.


The Zoetrope at Tooley Street

A Georgian animation device reflecting the ceaseless motion of the modern city and its landmarks.

Building on the work of William George Horner in 1834 the Zoetrope has been dismantled, combined with mirrors from the Praxinoscope, and rebuilt as a wayfinding pavilion. From the street level and the bridge above the pavilion reveals the identity and diversity of London Bridge, day and night, through an intricate tiled floor reflected in sloping mirrored walls creating a sense of intrigue to passers by.

During the approach the visitor views an image of the landmark directly ahead reflected from the floor. Within the pavilion more detailed instructions can be found on the walls and floor. Use of pictures and arrows make it easy use without needing to speak English.

Constructed from stainless steel tiles the mirrors are ant-vandal and easily replaceable in sections. The simple radial ‘M’ construction is robust and easy to build. The floor could be a collaboration with local artists.