White Red Architects is a RIBA chartered architecture and design studio based in London. From concept to completion we work closely with our clients to create great spaces.


We design buildings for people. We believe there is an opportunity within every project, large or small, to do something that will make you smile.

We start by listening and careful analysis of context to define the brief. We then look for the opportunity, for the idea within to create something beautiful and functional. We work collaboratively, drawing on our collective experiences and interests, developing the idea into a buildable proposal.

We test the proposal, again and again, simplifying to strengthen the idea. We work with different media, cutting, sticking and moulding, distilling an idea down into its essential parts, its simplest form of expression.

We believe it's this that makes for legible built structures, resilient to the pressures of construction, that are satisfying to use and beautiful to look at.