A 120 bed (11,000 sqm) hotel in the foothills of the Lake District on the grounds of the M-Sport rally complex.

The building is laid out to reveal itself to visitors across a lake making for a memorable arrival. The road snakes like a race track across the water’s surface towards the drop off. A simple pitched roof mimicking the mountain line against the water lifts up to form a timber lined entrance hub at its centre with a bar and restaurant. The hub is organised around a 3 storey public entrance hall which visually connects visitors to the rest of the building and in which hang vintage rally cars overhead. Efficient runs of modular build rooms are organised either side of the central hub and divide the site between public entrance to the front and private guest space to the rear.

The lakes at acts an attenuation lake for runoff from parking and roof, heat pump sink and natural swimming pond for guests. The angular roof is lined in solar panels.