Opening up the North bank of the Thames

Crossing the River is a series of structures designed to encourage visitors to cross to the North bank and interact with the river in different ways. Through sight, speech, sound and touch these structures bring the public closer to the river and its eventful history.

A simple construction with efficient use of material ensures that these structures are easy to build, self supporting and cost effective.

Left: The periscope acts both as a beacon visible from the South side and offers an unobstructed elevated view across the Thames framing the water and one of the South banks monuments, the Tate Modern, through it’s mirrors.

Positioned on the North end of the Millennium Bridge this tall pavilion makes the most of the high footfall to attract attention.

 It was said by MP John Burns that the River Thames is liquid history. The mudlarking display pavilion exhibits finds from the shores of the Thames. From messages in bottles to ancient pottery the display brings the rivers turbulent past within touching distance. We have collaborated with renowned mudlarker Nicola White ( @tidelineart ) about the various options for securing finds to exhibit.

A selection of the many poems about or inspired by the Thames to recite through timber trumpets. Bringing life to old words and revealing what the Thames has meant to Londoners in the past. Occupying the tightest space along the river these trumpets playfully use the corners and project out to one another.

A simple open air event space with the magnificent river as a backdrop. Positioned on one of the most generous sites allowing for a range of performances throughout the summer. A reconfigurable space where the moveable bench units can be relocated to form a range of seating and stage options.