Five things Friday #4

What we've watched:

A Million Times is a mesmerizing video of an installation with 300 clocks moving in unison. It is completely hypnotic. 


What we've listened to:

'Innovation and education in in architecture' and 'Overcomming your hurdles' a 2 part interview with Peter Barber from the Business of Architecture Podcast series.

A really interesting interview that covers the challenging time of starting his practice in London while remaining passionate about and true to design and also touches on the processes within of the practice and how they has evolved over time. Two key points that resonated with us were firstly that for him the practice has always been a vehicle for building projects and secondly that through teaching you can step outside of practice for a moment and expose yourself to fluid ideas of the free thinking students. @BusinessofArch


What we've read:

Two interesting articles on the future of development in London. The first on the role of quality of design in development and the benefits it can bring and the second on the increase in micro housing developments due to high house prices and demand from young professionals in the city centre.

Young opt for life in London microhouses

Why are architects working for property developers 



What's inspired us:

Mint is inAreal Architecten's school in Boom is an essay in green tiles. Arranged in different compositions across the different walls the tiles create a subtle and sophisticated texture that unites the building yet differentiates its parts.


What we found on the Internet :

A positive message from the Internet... Happy Friday!