Five Things Friday #5

What we’ve watched:

As much as we like to keep our Friday five’s as fresh as possible we couldn't resist re-surfacing a project which we previously posted a few weeks back.  This is an incredible video of the construction and manufacturing processes involved in the making of ‘Crystal Houses’ by MVRDV.  The making of the glass blocks is memorising!


Where we’ve been:

This week we were invited to meet up with the San Francisco based Trello team on their visit to London.  It was an evening in the Stack Overflow Offices with talks by GOV.UK’s Jessica Feldman and Paul Heron and even the co-founder of Splittable Nick Katz.


It was a fun evening, we met some really great people and we also learnt loads more about an app which White Red Architects relies upon!

Check out the twitter hashtag #trellolondon to see more posts from the event.


What we’ve listened too:

Desert island discs with Tom Hanks.  As a true ‘Castaway’, Hanks has obviously spent some time thinking about the idea of being stranded alone on an island.  Hanks' anecdotes and song selections are a great listen.

What we’ve read:

Earlier this week there was a really nice article in the Guardian written by architecture and design critic, Olly Wainwright.  The article describes the recently completed refurbishment of Louis Khan’s Yale Center for British Art in Connecticut.  It’s really interesting piece highlighting the evolution of Louis Kahn’s style from his first building the Yale University Art Gallery, built in 1953 to his last, the subject of the article.  A great analogy is used by the architect in charge of refurbishment, Daphne Kalomiris of Knight Architecture, described task of the renovation as “It felt like having to perform plastic surgery on Marilyn Monroe,”

What we’ve found:


Not necessarily new, but a great little summer hangout find for us is ‘The Magic Roundabout’ on Old Street roundabout.  It really makes use of a previously neglected space.  With amazing burgers from Burger Bear, good beer and funky music it’s a great place to sit and appreciate being in London and even better to sit and critique the questionable architecture that surrounds the Old street roundabout.