Five Things Friday #2

The week has flown by! But its Friday! and we still have a few things that we’ve been up to this week that we would like to share:


Things we've been looking at:


2 Projects this week…both by John Pawson


The first one is a beautifully designed cliff top holiday home located on the Japanese island of Okinawa.  Everything about it seems to be so clean and crisp.


The second is again a project by Pawson but this time in the rural setting of Wales.  The LifeHouse is a Welsh countryside retreat which forms part of Alain de Botton’s ‘Living Architecture’ collection.  The detailing within this project is really clever and the material use seems to work so well, especially the interior material palette.


Things we've watched this week:


Not much time for TV this week but one thing that made us chuckle was KrispyShorts’ short movie about the inevitable future of dating.


Things we've read this week:


It’s the wrong way around but this week one of us is reading the book after having seen the film!!  Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer is our book of choice this week.  The film is amazing with an incredible soundtrack by Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam.  Let hope the book lives up to it!


Things we've been listening too:

This week we are excited about listening the podcast series ‘Startup’.  With the new Season 3 episodes having been released it has been really interesting to hear the story of the world leading video platform Twitch.  How did this company evolve from a failing startup to eventually being bought by Amazon for over $1 Billion?  Listen to find out:



Quote of the week:


‘Philosophers have merely interpreted the world. The point is to change it.’ Karl Marx