Five Things Friday

Hi All,

We wanted to send out a weekly dose of what we're into here at White Red so here is a list of our weekly pondering:

What we're looking at: - 

We recently attended a brilliant lecture by the London based designer Michael Anastassiades, who ran through his amazing works and how his career path enabled him to produce such a varied portfolio.  This week we saw the debut furniture range with collaboration with american furniture company Herman Miller.


What we watched: -

Whilst the news of the passing of the late great David Bowie is nothing new, this week we watched a great documentary David Bowie: Five Years.  We found it a fascinating chronicle of the varied career of Bowie.

David Bowie: Five Years



What we're reading: - 


Our book of the week is 'So Good They Can't Ignore You' by Cal Newport.  This is a

What we're listening too: -

A break from music this week, we have pretty much all been diving into the Business of Architecture podcasts.  This is a great resource with relevant topics to our plight here at White Red.  A great resource.

What we learnt: -